Commander Maron Romondo

Agent of the King's Citadel of Breland, or the Argentum of Thrane?


Commander Maron Romondo was sent to Sharn shortly after the Party returned on the heels of the traitor, Tikulti. He was sent by Lord Kor ir’Wynarn himself to retrieve the Ashen Crown from the hands of the traitors (who Lord Kor believed to be the Party). He assumed control of the Sharn branch of the King’s Citadel, temporarily gaining jurisdiction over Captain Kalaes.

While Kalaes believes that the orders are real, he does not believe that Romondo is who he says he is. Kalaes believes that Romondo is actually an agent of the Argentum, an order in service to High Cardinal Kozen of Thrane. Kalaes believes that Romondo was able to infiltrate the King’s Citadel and trick Lord Kor. Kalaes believes that Romondo means to steal the crown, and has therefore asked the Party to take it straight to Kor themselves.

Commander Maron Romondo

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