Danae 'Demise' Ulyan

"Danae is Demise. Why Emerald Claw?" -last known words of Gydd Nephret


Danae Ulyan came to Sharn under the guise of being nothing more than a wealthy noble from Aerenal, here to study the rich history of the great city. In truth, her motives were much more sinister.

While she may actually be an Aerenalian noble, one thing is certain, Danae is not a member of House Ulyan. The Party has discovered, much to their chagrin, that Danae is actually, in fact, a member of the Skullborn, an order from Aerenal that believes that the powerful should not be limited by such paltry things as death.

Among the Skullborn, Danae is known as Demise. She is a powerful necromancer who has come to Khorvaire to seek the Ashen Crown. To reach that end, she has made an alliance with the Emerald Claw.

In a recent battle in Ashurta’s tomb, the Party faced off against Demise. After a devastating combat, she was defeated, but not yet killed. She attempted to escape through the portal she had placed as a back door, but through the actions of Rodan, Demise was kept behind while Tikulti escaped. Demise died of her injuries at the hands of Amrek. Upon interrogation of Demise’s soul, the Party discovered that she planned to use it to raise an army to fight Belashyrra, Lord of Eyes.

Danae 'Demise' Ulyan

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