Marwyn Verdani

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A 6’ half-elf with light-yellow eyes, and a plain face that has let him dodge more than one drunken and disorderly charge. He walks with a swagger, and is normally dressed in slightly more gilded clothes when not in immediate danger, or in a ditch. His playing is not masterful, but is rather unique in that most of his performances are accompanied by Jarvis, the unseen servant always by his side. His weapons, however, are plain and unadorned, a clear separation of his lives as a fighter and as a bard.

His voice often carries with confidence, although he can easily be embarrassed or become flustered on the occasion his bluffs are called, or he is put in situations he is not used to.


Marwyn is a simple man with extravagant tastes. From an enigmatic, and if asked, ever shifting past, Marwyn roams Khorvaire looking for excitement, and, as is often necessary, work. He prides himself in being a connoisseur of the various taverns which he has visited during his travels.

The beginning of his adventuring career was with The Split Falchion, a small mercenary outfit that played a larger part in the fate of the world than any intended. For the better part of a year Marwyn lived and fought with them, forming friendship that would last a lifetime.

Marwyn has led an exciting life, and only wants to keep the good times going. While his ultimate ambition is joining the secretive organization, The Royal Eyes, it’s no surprise if he lands somewhat odd jobs once and while. His most recent is his oddest, and his biggest claim to fame, breaking hardened criminals out of the Tower of Inquisition.


The Adventures of The Split Falchion

Authored songs:

“I shot the cleric (but I did not shoot the diety)”

Friends, Past and Present:

Jarvis: Unseen servant, who has been a near constant companion of Marwyn. Though he’s not sure, Marwyn attributes a certain personality to his nonspeaking friend, and is under the belief that he is an actual entity rather than magical force. This would be disturbing, if not for the comforting feeling Jarvis gives Marwyn, and the soul with which his lute playing in accompaniment to Marwyn’s has.

Vargard Garodin: A fighter who Marwyn has not encountered in quiet some time. It was he who first fished Marwyn out of the gutters, and gave him his first real work as a second-tier healer with The Split Falchion (as opposed to third-rate bard). While he was gruff and commanding during the year Marwyn traveled with him, Marwyn felt no animosity. Vargard simply knew who was in charge and made sure everyone else did too.

Cletus: The dwarf known as Cletus was of special curiosity to Marwyn. A ranger also under Vargard, the brooding figure was often silent, save for discussing tactics with Vargard, and delivering Dwarven curses to his enemies. Needless to say, Cletus was a man Marwyn never really got to know, which he considers a somewhat good thing.

Lesani Windhailer: Lesani was both unusually cheerful and kindhearted for the warlock she was, and, ironically, was the soul of The Split Falchion. Though they were never intimate, Marwyn was good friends with Lesani while with the mercs. She was the one who gave him his good taste in wine, helped him explore his potential as a ritual caster, and gave him a few pointers in the dark arts as well.

Jorduna: A one-time Word Bearer, the hobgoblin rogue was often first in and first out when it came to running jobs with The Split Falchion. She regarded Marwyn with distaste, for the most part, and saw him as someone who never really worked to get through life before, and was willing to help balance the ledger. Eventually, outright disgust turned to bitterness after Marwyn proved himself in combat, and bitterness turned to indifference when Marwyn continued to defeat her expectations of his failure.

Ner Omidan of Zilargo: A somewhat shifty gnome, Ner Omidan is an employee of the University of Wynarn, in Fairhaven. During his travels with The Split Falchion, Marwyn met with Ner at the behest of Lesani. Uninterested in the bard at first, Marwyn was goaded into trading a secret to the gnome in return for bardic training, unlocking some of his early potential. Marwyn left in good terms with the gnome, although additional favors from him would likely incur the same price.

Klezard: Otherwise known as Watcher, its given name during the Last War, Klezard is one of the rare few warforged students in attendance at the University of Wynarn. Marwyn happened upon him while resting in one of the courtyards of the academy, and struck up a conversation with what, to him, was an oddity. Despite its outer, robotic nature, Marwyn sensed a shrewd intelligence behind the mask. Intrigued, he talked some of his past and status in the world, an act reciprocated by the student. While brief, their encounter formed a bond of friendship, and Marwyn promised to visit Klezard again the next time he visited Fairhaven.

Professor Craigor Gilmont: An elderly dragonborn professor at the University of Wynarn. Specializes in curses and ancient magics.

Mevalyn Aviarach of Cyre: A Cyrian bard that Marwyn met during his travels through Eastern Breland. Former member of a band of ex-Cyrian militants, she had left the group when it became apparent they no longer viewed restoring Cyre as their primary goal. Marwyn has a… more than friendly relationship with the bard, who reciprocates the feelings. Eventually, their time together fostered their relationship, to the point where Marwyn proposed marriage. To the surprise of both bards, she accepted.

Marwyn Verdani

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