Prince Bortan ir'Wynarn


Prince Bortan, King Boranel’s eldest son, is the heir apparent to Breland. He serves as the Lord Regent Apparent for most of the year, while Boranel travels the lengths and breadths of Breland. Prince Bortan has never been a strong leader, but under the leadership of his uncle, Kor, he has served the nation well.

His true passion, however, lies in his faith. When he was a mere boy of thirteen, Bortan was attacked by a fearsome lycan, while traveling with his father, near the Dragon’s Crown. Bortan was saved by the quick actions of a traveling friar of the Silver Flame. Bortan was struck, that day, with a sense of duty to the diety whose servant saved him.

To that end, Bortan began the long, arduous task of joining the church. It took many years, but he was eventually welcomed into the ranks of the Order of Ministers. While he has served Breland in his role as Lord Regent Apparent, he takes more pride in his recent title of Archbishop of Wroat.

Prince Bortan ir'Wynarn

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