Professor Gydd Nephret

If found, please return to Sharn


The half-elf Gydd Nephret is a professor of history at Morgrave University, one of the better-known academic institutions in the city of Sharn in southern Breland. She specializes in the history of the Dhakaani Empire, a goblin imperium that reached its height during the time of the Great Dalkyr Wars. Professor Nephret is perpetually inquisitive, often offputtingly so, and easily excited by discussions and developments in her chosen field. When approached about the possibility of recovering fragments of the Arkantaash, she was immediately interested and assisted the party to the best of her ability. Despite the secrecy of the group’s meeting with her, it is possible that Nephret’s tongue was more loose than initially hoped. This may have led directly to the invasion of her home at the university and her abduction by a necromancer and her undead minions. Nephret’s whereabouts are presently unknown, as is her condition. She has neither been confirmed to be living nor dead, but it may be that pursuing the Arkantaash further may yield clues as to the identity and affiliations of her captors or even to Nephret herself.

In their final battle with Demise, the Party discovered a dark truth about Nephret. The rumors they had heard of Nephret’s work with Demise were confirmed, for it was only through the actions of Gydd’s casting that the teleportation circle was activated, almost leading to Demise’s escape.

Professor Gydd Nephret

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