Doppelganger Traitor


Tikulti was initially employed by the King’s Citadel (the Brelish intelligence force) to pose as a hobgoblin and infiltrate the goblin faction known as the Kech Volar (Word Bearers) and assist them in reassembling the Ashen Crown before their more militant rival factions have the opportunity. Using an Amulet of False Blood, Tikulti managed to earn the trust of the Kech Volar, and aided them in recovering the two pieces of the Crown that were sealed beneath the monument of Six Kings. The combined group of the party and the Kech Volar then ventured to Greywall, where they encountered the artificer Vondal and, with his help (and a bit of well-natured terrorism), managed to secure the final pieces of the crown. After battling back the necromancer Demise, the group slept, only for Tikulti to reveal his true colors.
As the group slept, Tikulti overpowered the drow Zarra, with whom he was sharing the watch, and murdered Yeera, the leader of the Kech Volar who was busy reassembling the Ashen Crown. He fled with the relics and the drow as a hostage, headed for the city of Sharn.

In the Battle in Ashurta’s Tomb, Tikulti was able to escape. While he didn’t get away with the crown, he did take along Professor Nephret and Zarra’s body. With his boss defeated, Tikulti is scrambling for his next move, but with the Party bogged down by the Ashen Crown situation, he just may have the time to plan his next move.

The Party very recently captured Tikulti after tracking him to the town of Larunor, a town in Southern Aundair. They cornered him in a tavern and took him prisoner after interrogating him about Zarra. He told them that she was dead, but Billy saw through his lie, informing the rest of the Party, except for Vondal, who still thinks his dear old friend deceased. In the interrogation with Tikulti, the Party noted that his demeanor seemed calm, almost too calm. Of course, his calm composure was explained when the Party saw the armies of undead descending on the town of Larunor…



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