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When madness and night align
And innocent blood waters the dark tree
The Noble Soul must claim the Coat of Eyes
And bear this burden for the good of all
-From the Talash Siberys (the Draconic Prophecy)

It was into the thick of this excerpt of the prophecy that our heroes were thrown. Each one of them, for some reason or another, finding themselves in the village of Blackroot, deep in the Shadow Marches, with nary an inclination as to the magnitude of their importance in the fate of Eberron, the Glowing Jewel of the Lost Lands, the Pick of the Outer Echoes, the Fruit of the Fallen…

Daughter of Luster must be put to the test
A trial of five, where she beats the best
And when she emerges, with vigor and zeal
The Nation of Dragons is hers to steal
-From the Talash Siberys (the Draconic Prophecy)

With this fragment of the prophecy recovered, the great dragoness Calisto seeks to claim the dominion seemingly offered to her as the ‘Daughter of Luster’. With the party’s arrival in Argonnessen, it seems that turmoil among the Clans may not be the only threat they face…


Main Page

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