Eberron, the Middle Dragon

Far beyond the core realms of the planescape, beyond most mortals’ wildest imaginings lies Eberron; one of the outer realms far from the central branches of Yggdrasil. There it has existed for thousands of years, unaware and largely unaffected by the events of the World Tree. Having little connection to the gods of the Astral Sea and none whatsoever to the remainder of the planescape, Eberron has developed in a way no other realms have. Where the clerics and invokers of Midgard have called upon the power of their deities for aid, the artificers and elementalists of Eberron have constructed their own assistants. Lightning Rail carries passengers and bulk freight further and faster than would be thought possible elsewhere. Automatons – relics and oddities across the realms of the World Tree – are as common a sight as the sentient races themselves; perhaps more so in some areas. Perhaps most interesting of all the differences may be the forces shaping the fate of Eberron. Across Yggdrasil, the gods work their capricious wills on the worlds and their denizens; but Eberron’s fate is governed by something far more mysterious: the Draconic Prophecy. Wile the prophecy’s meaning is uncertain, what is known is that it is somehow connected to the dragonmarks borne by many of the plane’s inhabitants. Whether the prophecy predicts bane or boon for the plane is yet to be seen.

Khorvaire, the War-torn Land

Eberron has long been isolated from the rest of the planes; and has therefore enjoyed a relative peace throughout the wars between immortals that have ravaged the central realms of the World Tree in the past. That is not to say that it is a peaceful world – in fact, quite the opposite. Despite their disconnection from many of the gods, demons, and elementals of the cosmos, the mortals of Eberron are as corrupt and violent as their relatives across the planes. Far to the north of Eberron, the continent of Khorvaire is beginning the long and costly process of recovering from its most recent struggle. The Last War lasted more than two centuries and saw the once-great nation of the Five Kingdoms attempting to wipe one another from the face of the planet. The aftermath of the war left the kingdom of Cyre reduced to and inhospitable wasteland, millions dead, and the addition of many small states in lands that the continent’s powers simply did not have the resources to keep contained. The rulers of Khorvaire’s nations, old and new, now find themselves in a game of political moves and countermoves; each trying to push their state to the fore in the aftermath of the devastating conflict. Little do they know, powers far beyond the scope of any single nation are beginning to awaken. Powers that threaten not only the entirety of Khorvaire, but also Eberron. And perhaps, if left unchecked, Yggdrasil itself.

The Harvest

Onto this grand stage of reconstruction and political machinations, enter Belashyrra.

Fruit of the Fallen

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