Fruit of the Fallen

The Fall to Fury

Xargrax the fury Blackguard backstory
( ) translation; either common or draconic. Not all of the common tongue has been translated into draconic. Thus some words remain the same in the translation from common to draconic. Please bear with me, I am trying either find or make up words for those that are missing from the translation codex, but until then, woman up and deal with it.

All I saw was a flash of silver arcing towards the back of my sister’s head, and in an instant it was done. I stood there helpless to save her from a cruel fate that she did not deserve, but was given to her anyway. I fell to my knees and let out a scream that would have shattered the heavens. I looked to my parents for any sign of grief or sorrow that we could share in this moment. I found nothing but hard glares at what was now the corpse of my sister Surina. It was in this moment that I could feel the chilling light of Bahamut’s grace leave me. How could a god of justice and morality let this happen? He let Surina die; what would he take next? In the bottom of my heart a new power took hold. I could not name it then, but I can now. Fury (Wiivai), a single word that would give me more power than I could ever imagine, and take me on the path to redemption of my family and clan’s name.

I remember few things from my early years, but I do remember two things. The first being five pair of gold orbs staring down at me. One had a kinder look in them than the others. The second being a warm pair of hands picking me up from my shell to look at that kind pair of eyes. Little did I know this was my sister Surina, I person who I would become so close to, only to lose her the icy darkness that is death. I was the youngest of the three children to be born to Rhogar and Nala Iyotar. Their oldest was my sister Akra, then my sister Surina, and finally me Xargrax. I was named after the paladin that had created our clan of Loremark. He had been one of the great lords of Abkhazia. Second only to the Golden One himself. Akra is about 6’ 4’’ with deep bronze scales and reddish eyes. Surina was 6’ 2’’ and had reddish gold scales with shining gold eyes. I was a bit different from the rest of my family, I had brilliant white scales with shining gold eyes. I stand tall at 6’7’’now at adulthood. As is the tradition I was given the childhood name of elsqatyu (arbiter). I always knew what I wanted, and would make decisions quickly and easily when everyone else was deep in thought about a decision. Akra was tonirar (schemer), she was always getting into mischief, like the time that she stole all of the elder’s food from the kitchens before the cook even knew it was gone. Surina however was cirau (kind). She was the one who would comfort you when you were sad, or help you even she was busy with her work. My father Rhogar was one of the head paladins in the clan. Standing tall at 6’7’’ with rusty red scales and red eyes, he had a very dominating presence over the room he was in, especially in his bright red armor. He had fought in many battles and was a very well respected warrior and elder on the council of elders. He installed a strong and unwavering belief in Bahamut and his rules about honor and morality. He was strict but caring. He always just in his punishments of the criminals that chose to follow Tiamat, never cruel. He was cold some days and warm others, it depended on his mood. My mother Nala on the other hand was always kind and warm, and the one who took care of us as kids. She has brilliant red scales and eyes like molten gold. She taught us the ways of our clan and of the dragonborn people. Mother was less strict than father but still clung to the rules that they had set up for our household. Mother was also a fighter by experience, but she gave it up to raise us. She still kept up with her training, she was skilled in the use of falchion, quite different from the greatsword that my father used. Both of my parents decided at a young age that my sisters and I would learn to defend ourselves and in the use of weapons. Akra and I were all for it, Surina was not as enthusiastic as we were. She believed that every problem could be solved without bloodshed or fighting. We learned form a young age that one did not argue with either of our parents. The topic of self-defense was no different. Akra chose the katar as her weapon and I the bastard sword. Surina went for the quarterstaff. All of us grew close, my sisters felt that they needed to protect me as I was their baby brother. I quickly showed them that it was not necessary, and soon I was the one who was protecting them. The adventures that we had when we were young were what brought us close, until the one that would send us farther apart than even the gods could measure.

“Son, becoming a paladin is not an easy or quick journey, but one that you will never forget.”
(Deevdru, xkhatir vi dnilok ui ti vin eschoup usv qeelak gogetoi, shar ir batobot wux geou nurti ti jinthil.)
“I know that father, but you heard the other elders. I am ready for the challenge!”
(Vucoti batobot opsola, shar wux nymuera wer lyrik tilabili. Si mi krathin ihk wer relekihl!)
“Very well then. I Rhogar, son of Medrash, son of Bharash, head of the paladins of clan Loremark, grant unto you, Xargrax my son the right to face the ancient tests of the gods to earn their power and obtain the title of paladin. If you pass then you will be welcomed into our ranks; however, if you fail, you will not be given a second chance to rise to the challenge.”
(Zi algbo hak. si Rhogar, deevdru di Medrash, deevdru di Bharash, fothisev di wer paladins di clan loremark, fehlim unto wux, Xargrax sia deevdru wer harkt ekess ehaism wer zezhuanth cekipic di wer ithquenti ekess earn asta vers vur vixlaw wer title di dnilok. Sjek wux dolruth hak si wux geou qe aldoera sari hesi ranks; riluoh, sjek wux fail, wux geou ti qe majaktor vi jiilral krehl ekess lleisgar ekess wer relekihl.) After this he paused for effect. My father knew the answer to the question he was about to ask. But he had to treat each new candidate with the same amount of respect.
“Will you accept this challenge set before you by the council of elders of clan Loremark?”
(Geou wux jihai nomeno relekihl seilor ghoros wux ini wer biwheg di tilabili di clan Loremark?) my father exclaimed for the entire chamber to hear.
“I will accept the challenge of the elders.”
(Si geou jihai wer relekihl di wer tilabili.) I shouted for everyone to hear.
“Will you abide by the rules that are set forth before you without question?”
(Geou wux feqad ini wer kulti batobot re seilor forth ghoros wux ios visidark?)
“I will!” (Si geou!) I shouted.
“Will you attempt the challenges with the highest amount of honor that you can muster to honor all those that have come before you?”
(Geou wux xoa wer relekihlic mrith wer yowethilti intuil di tiichi batobot wux shilta muster ekess tiichi shio nomenes batobot tepoha confn ghoros wux?)
“I will!” (Si geou!)
“Then I Rhogar, son of Medrash, son of Bharash, set you forth onto the path of the paladin!”
(Hak si Rhogar, deevdru di Medrash, deevdru di Bharash, seilor wux forth ruadii wer donoap di wer dnilok!)
The entire council chamber burst into a roar of applause that shook the hall to its foundations. As I stood to take a bow and accept the applause with the rest of the candidates. I looked out into the crowd and found my mother and sisters in their robes cheering and waving to me. I waved back at my family, then I was marched out of the chamber with the rest of the young dragonborn. In an antechamber where we were told we could go and find our families I searched for my friends Xisthra Pradhu and Hiciar Tyagi. We had met when we were hatchlings and had been close ever since. I was wearing the robes that my grandmother had woven for me, they were a deep red with white trim. Along with the pendant with the Iyotar family crest of an ouroboros made up of three snakes (one red, one blue and one green) engraved in it and some silver and onyx armbands. I found Xisthra quickly and she looked just as beautiful as ever (I always felt a rush of warmth whenever I saw her). Xisthra was slightly shorter and thinner than me, with brilliant scarlet scales and gold eyes. She was wearing her mother’s red and orange ceremonial robes with gold and ruby armbands. In her “hair” were chains of silver and iridescent opal.
“Your father looked very proud of you.” (Dout opsola vorqa zi proud di wux.) She told me as I walked up next to her.
“I am sure that he is. I could feel him beaming at me as we walked out.”
(Si mi jaunus batobot jaci ui. Si tiliw kiwieg jacion beaming sva ve lae yth walked ekik.)I replied casually, trying not to stumble over my words. “I don’t know why she makes feel so strange now. We have been friends for ages, why is this happening?” (Si don’t vucot kii jaciv xurwkic kiwieg zyak bvecko jaka. Yth tepoha coanwor thurirli ihk grapwolic, kii ui nomeno shinaltir?) I thought to myself. “Do you know where Hiciar is?” (Tir wux vucot svaklar Hiciar ui?) I asked her.
“I haven’t seen him since before the ceremony. I wonder what he is up to.” (Si haven’t ocuirtor jacion li ghoros wer ceremony. Si jika svabol jaci ui svern ekess.) She replied.
“He is probably hitting on some cute girl he saw for the first time during the ceremony. We will most likely find him be the sound of her slapping him across the face.” (Jaci ui probably donotreskir shafaer creol yinvets fanol jaci ocuira ihk wer irral tairais during wer ceremony. Yth geou throdenilti likely ehtah jacion qe wer ultro di jacioniv kodontir jacion boga wer ehaism.) I quickly replied. As soon as I had said it there was a loud booming sound from the other side of the room.
“Speak of the devil. We had better go and help sooth his wounded heart” (Renthisj di wer devil. Yth tepohada desta gethrisj vur letoclo sooth jacida ezoukea kornari) Xisthra said while walking toward the sound. I quickly started to follow her. When we arrived we found a crowd gathered around in a circle with Hiciar laid out flat on the floor in the center, with a very angry looking brown female standing over him getting ready to deck him again.
“That will teach you not to make fun of a girl’s clothes and play with her heart!” (Batobot geou anku wux ti ekess xurwk diwhaf di vi arfanol ofilnari vur lehhav mrith jacioniv kornari!) the girl shouted.
Xisthra had to rush over and stop her from kicking Hiciar in the face. After calming the girl down and dispersing the crowd, Xisthra woke up Hiciar by throwing some water in his face.
“Why do you always have to go off and anger every girl that will listen to you brag about yourself?” (Kii tir wux agantal tepoha ekess gethrisj stoda vur harkaj rinovup fanol batobot geou listen ekess wux brag zahae doutan?)
“Did you see her? She is so cute, how could I not hit on her?” (Tira wux ocuir jacioniv? Jaciv ui zyak yinvets, svanoa tiliw si ti donotreska shafaer jacioniv?) He said dusting off his brown and grey robes. I was surprised that she was able to knock Hiciar over. Hiciar is 6’2’’ and brown like his robes. His red eyes stood out against his scales as he looked around at us curiously. “You two always come to help when I get slapped, so why would I stop?” (Wux jiil agantal confn ekess letoclo svadrav si itrewic kodonta, zyak kii ornla si pok?)
“Because over time you will have brain damage from all the slapping.” (Tagoa svern tairais wux geou tepoha shishin virax de shio wer kodontir.) I said while helping him to straighten his robes. Despite wearing his heart on his sleeve Hiciar was usually very strong and loyal. “How was she able to knock you flat on your back? Even I have a hard time doing that.” (Svanoa jahus jaciv yscik ekess otrusch wux teik shafaer dout spical? Tangis si tepoha vi tonn tairais tirir batobot.) I asked him.
“Perra is stronger than she looks. She fools a lot of people into thinking she is not that strong.” (Perra ui throdenilt versvesh loupon jaciv vorqic. Jaciv hofibai vi sumf di xiekivi sari siofmeir jaciv ui ti batobot versvesh) Xisthra said. I wondered how Xisthra knew Perra. Xisthra was as social as the rest of us, being very social, but I had never seen Perra before. I almost all of the people that are in the clan.
“How do you know Perra? I have never seen her before, and I know most of the people in the clan by name. Those that I do not know I have at least seen before.” (Svanoa tir wux vucot Perra? Si tepoha nurti ocuirtor jacioniv ghoros, vur vucoti throdenilti di wer xiekivi persvek wer clan ini ominak. Nomenes batobot si tir ti vucot si tepoha sva gekip ocuirtor ghoros.) I asked Xisthra. She looked across the room at where Perra was standing.
“She is not the most social of people. She prefers to be alone, but I have talked to her in the Great Archives while I was studying for our paladin tests. She is really quite smart. She knows a lot about the astral plains and the mythology of the gods.” (Jaciv ui ti wer throdenilti social di xiekivi. Perra prefers ekess qe loaw, shar si tepoha ukrisa ekess jacioniv persvek wer Jennu Arabdolvess while si jahus studying ihk hesi dnilok cekipic. jaciv ui nafl quite othokent. Jaciv vucotic vi sumf zahae wer sarvrithash plains vur wer mythology di wer ithquenti.) Xisthra explained. It was rare that I hadn’t met someone in the clan, or at least heard there name before. I often studied with Xisthra in the Great Archives, but I had never seen her there before.
“Our families are probably worried that we have taken so long to come and find them.” (Hesi sviheleni re probably xihooda batobot yth tepoha taken zyak drong ekess confn vur ehtah astahi.) Xisthra said gesturing to the nearly empty chamber. On that note we all decided to leave and find our families so we could meet up later and talk some more. As I left the chamber I saw Perra still standing around waiting for someone. Feeling bad about what had happened I went up to her and said
“I am sorry about Hiciar. He can be kind of stupid some times. I am sorry if what he said hurt your feelings at all.” (Si mi bivai zahae Hiciar. Jaci shilta qe cirau di pothoc creol times. Si mi bivai sjek svabol jaci said ouith dout feelings sva shio.)
“It is fine. He just made me angry be commenting and how my robes make me look fat.” (Coi ui winhal. Jaci filki xurwka ve harkajup ini yentair vur svanoa sia ofilnari xurwk ve vorq iwiek.) I was surprised at how well she had taken the insult. “I am Xargrax by the way. Perhaps we can become friends?” (Si mi Xargrax ini wer idol. Nomagqe yth shilta xkhat thurirli?) I said
“Perra Reddyar. I would like that, you seem nice enough. See you around.” (Perra Reddyar. Si ornla hefoc batobot, wux seem d’nag aurthon. Ocuir wux zahae.) Perra then walked away, most likely to find her parents.
“Most females would have sworn a vow of hatred against Hiciar for his blatant insult. Perra seems to have a strong but kind heart.” (Throdenilti upadoci ornla tepoha xurwka vi vow di phlithut seanf hiciar ihk jacida blatant insult. Perra seems ekess tepoha vi versvesh shar cirau kornari.) I thought to myself as I walked into the council chamber to find my family. As soon as I entered the room my two big sisters both jumped on me from both sides.
“There you are! We thought you might have gotten lost in the crowd or something!” (Mobi wux re! Yth siofmea wux janik tepoha itrewictor woari persvek wer crowd usv creolnali!) Surina shouted into my ear as she hugged me.
“We are very proud of you son. Now it is up to you if you are able to pass the tests.” (Yth re zi proud di wux deevdru. Jaka coi ui svern ekess wux sjek wux re yscik ekess dolruth wer cekipic.) my mother said coming over to give me a hug crushing hug.
“Nala, give the boy some room your suffocating him. I am proud of you as well my son. I just hope that you are up to the challenge.” (Nala, majak wer drot creol cuaili dout suffocating jacion. Si mi proud di wux lae algbo sia deevdru. Si filki charis batobot wux re svern ekess wer relekihl.) my father exclaimed coming to peel my mother and sisters off of me.
“I know that I am father.” (Vucoti batobot si mi opsola.) I said. He then gave me a quick hug. We started the walk home through the city of Zebulon. The soaring towers and citadels glinted with the red gold of the setting sun. Each tower in the upper district seemed to reach into the quickly darkening sky. From this high up on the mountain you could see most of the way to the coast of Argonnessen. I held back from the rest of my family on the walk home, to be alone with my thoughts. As we walked through long rows of houses that were beginning to light up with fires and candles as night moved over the city. “Sometimes I forget how beautiful the city is. It sort of distracts you from the world around you and your problems.”(Sometimes si tir ti jinthil svanoa vorel wer taoul ui. Coi senar di distracts wux de wer treskri zahae wux vur dout problems.) I thought as I walked. I didn’t notice Surina walk up next to me until she said
“You have a lot of challenges ahead of you. This might be your last moment of peace for a long time.”(Wux tepoha vi sumf di relekihlic ahead di wux. Nomeno janik qe dout annyo klewar di martivir ihk vi drong tairais.)
“I know, but at least I can savor this moment until it ends.” (Vucoti, shar sva gekip si shilta faylaph nomeno klewar halkvri coi sultanic.) I told her. As we approached the house, my thoughts drifted off to the challenges looming in my future. Little did I know how far they would extend into my future.

Write about the paladin tests and rising through the ranks of the paladins…

Chapter 3: The Fall

By the third week of the war with the clan Warbringer, I felt the long days of combat starting to weigh down my limbs. The heavy plate armor that I was constantly wearing probably didn’t help the situation at all. As I stood up from my bed in the camp and stretched my arms and legs trying desperately to restore feeling to them my lieutenant Kriv Zaveri walked into my tent.
“The generals would like to see you in the war tent sir.” (Wer generals ornla hefoc ekess ocuir wux persvek wer aryte tent ushakal.). My stomach became unsettled, the generals would only ask for me in person if something bad had happened to father or I was needed on the frot lines.
“Tell them I will be there in a moment Kriv. I just need to get ready.” (Visp astahi si geou qe mobi persvek vi klewar Kriv. Si filki rigluin ekess itrewic krathin.) I said. Three weeks ago, the clan Warbringer laid claim to the ancient land that we call home. There was no hope for diplomacy to solve the problem. They were dead set on “reclaiming the old homelands for their people”. However there was no record of clan Warbringer ever living in the lands of clan Loremark. So naturally a conflict started, a conflict that had not existed since the Last War. As soon as the council’s diplomatic attempt failed, the paladins picked up their swords, raised their shields, and prepared for the coming battle. The very next day our scouts reported that Warbringer troops had crossed our southern borders. We marched off to stop them almost immediately. My mother wish father Surina and I good luck in the traditional way, “May swords stay sharp, and the stars watch over you.”(Un sevadar sevita hvass, vur wer iski thesek svern wux.). With that we marched off, not knowing that our lives would change forever. As the highest ranking officer below the general’s council, I was in charge of several companies of paladins. After I had put on my armor, I walked outside into the brisk morning air, taking a deep breath. I walked to the war tent to meet the generals, I thought about Xisthra and her companies. They were on the front lines currently. Xisthra led several companies of wizards and spell-casters known as the Spellslingers. They were known for powerful battle magic and buffs. I had several friends in her companies, so for all their sakes I hoped they were alright.

I reached the war tent took a deep breath to steady my nerves, pushed aside the flaps and walked into the tent.

“Good Morning commander. If you can call it good.” (Mel’nakit meagear. Sjek wux shilta relgr coi bensvelk.) General Nadarr greeted me as I walked in. Generals Shulgrax, Aryax, and Wuprax stood around the war table discussing something that I couldn’t quite make out.
“Good Morning general. Why would I not be able to call it good? We have been able to keep the Warbringer troops on the southern border at bay for three days now. Has something happened?” (Mel’nakit inid. Kii ornla si ti qe yscik ekess relgr coi bensvelk? Yth tepoha coanwor yscik ekess nakta wer Warbringer shaltic shafaer wer ilachekan border sva bay ihk fogah keari jaka. Tepohaic creolnali shinalta?) I replied.
“Unfortunately yes. The troops that are on the front lines need to be cycled back for reinforcements. Those Warbringer bastards won’t stop coming. The Spellslingers have done the best to keep the current troops buffed and ready, but our numbers are thinning.” (Unfortunately axun. Wer shaltic batobot re shafaer wer dasost lines rigluin ekess qe cycled spical ihk reinforcements. Nomenes Warbringer bastards geou ti pok confnir. Wer Spell-fingers tepoha authot wer bensvelkilti ekess nakta wer current shaltic buffed vur krathin, shar hesi viprekilic re tsydanir.) He said with a slight look of defeat in his eyes. With the mention of our troop’s current fight against the Warbringer forces “Let me show you where we need you to go and take you troops.” (Origato ve show wux svaklar yth rigluin wux ekess gethrisj vur clax wux shaltic.) He told me as we walked over to the war table in the center of the room. “You will take your troops to here in the southern foot hills of Zagros mountains here.” (Wux geou clax dout shaltic ekess tenpiswo persvek wer ilachekan urac jonali di Zagros verthichai tenpiswo.) He said pointing to the map on the table. “Once you are there you can set up defenses to repel any more attacks on that position.” (Huena wux re mobi wux shilta seilor svern mekihlic ekess repel tikil throdenilt lowdic shafaer batobot ugyot.) he explained as he pointed to the foothills around the Zagros. “This will make sure that we cannot be flanked by the enemy and take some of the pressure off the front line forces. Those men could use a break.” (Nomeno geou xurwk jaunus batobot yth shilta ti qe flanked ini wer irlym vur clax creol di wer pressure stoda wer dasost line jedarkic. Nomenes sthyri tiliw klae vi jikmada.)
“I agree. Four days of near continuous combat would strain any person, even the best fighters I know could keep up four days of continuous fighting.” (Si iaco. vrrar keari di leirith ga’haith ripeik ornla frinkl tikil xiekiv, tangis wer bensvelkilti slathalinari vucoti tiliw nakta svern vrrar keari di ga’haith slathalinir.) I replied. Just then, a deafening boom went off outside the tent. Both the general and I rushed out of the command tent. An explosion had gone off on the edges of a camp. A scout ran up to the both of us and shouted
“The enemy has sent shock troops to attack the base. Their mages caused the explosion at the mess hall.” ()
“Call all battle ready troops to hold the line when the enemy is. We can at least push them back.” I told the scout, the he ran off to gather the troops. “It looks like your strategy is going to have to wait general.” ()
“That is true. Commander, I believe your battalion is battle ready?” ()
“We were prepped to go and relieve the front lines.” ()
“Then take them and go beat these bastards.” ()
“With pleasure sir” (). With that I rushed off to my battalion’s barracks. As I approached them I ran into my sister Surina.
“What is going on?!” () she shouted.
“Warbringer sent troops to attack the base. I am going to fight them off.” ()
“Then I am going with you.” () she said.
“Oh no you are not. It is too dangerous.” () I said. While we continued to argue we reached my battalion’s barracks. And my second in command Nargar ran up to me and said
“Commander, what is going on? Who is attacking us?” ()
I only needed to say one word.
“Warbringer” He immediately knew what to do.
Nargar turned and shouted at the barracks
As the troops poured out of the building and into formation, I shouted orders to the captains and the relayed orders down the chain of command. My squad came up to me and I updated them on the situation. I turned around to the assembled battalion.
“As you know we are push back the Warbringer troops and protect the base. So there is nothing left to say. Your captains know the plan, so let us do it.” () I shouted at my troops. We departed to our different places on the front lines around the base. As we were leaving I noticed that Surina was still following me.
“Why are you still here?” () I asked her.
“You know that I can be of help. You are going to need a battlefield healer.” () she said in a cool voice.
“I know, but not you. I will not risk your life fighting these men. They will not show you any mercy.” ()
“I am not looking for mercy, but that does not mean you cannot show it. These men are just following orders. They might just deserve mercy.” ()
I stopped and looked at her. “These men have attacked our home. They have done this willingly. They have had many chances to lay down their arms but they have not. They have taken no prisoners. They have killed everyone that has stood in their path, women and children. Literally anyone who stood in front of them they have cut down.” () I said with anger in my voice. “I will not risk your life in this conflict.” ()
“It is not up to you.” () she said back. “I will serve our clan the same as you. There is nothing that you can do to stop me. So I suggest that you get used to it commander.” She sneered. She pushed ahead of me to where the rest of our troops were fighting. I quickly followed her to the fight. When we reached the top of the hill near the fight there was a clear distinction between the Warbringer and Loremark forces. I appears to be two snakes, one Loremark green and the other Warbringer red writhing on the ground next to each other. But there were no breaks in either line. We seemed to have reacted quickly enough to keep most of the troops from entering the base. Both sides were fighting tooth and nail for ground. The fight between my battalion and what appeared to be a battalion of Warbringer troops seemed to be at a stalemate. My squad rallied around me for their orders.
“We need to break this stalemate if we are going to push them back” () I told my squad.
“Well obviously.” () Surina said. “By the definition of a stalemate, neither side can win. So of course we have to break the stalemate.” () she snorted.
“Yes, I was just proving a point. Anyway from what I have been able to see from this hill if we sneak around the lines we can pinch the enemy line and break them in two. This would break the stalemate and allow us to push back this assault.” () Rizaka one of my lieutenants then shouted
“What are we waiting for then.” () He then turned around and charged at the Warbringer line.
“Here we go again. Why does he always have to Leroy Jenkins in every fight?” () said Shilx, Rizaka’s good friend and a very close friend of Akra. Sometimes I think that at one point they were more than friends, but Akra’s tendencies to cause trouble might have caused them to grow apart. However my sister’s love life (Double Dragon Butt Stuff) is no business of mine. Again I found myself left behind by my men. Only Surina was left by my side giving me a strange look.
“Why are you just staring into space like that?” () she said with concern.
“I was just lost in thought I guess. Let us go.” () We rushed down the hill to the battle that was going on. I had drawn Cortana and Surina had her staff out. As we reached the front lines the clashing of steel became a deafening roar. The green or clan Loremark was so stained with the blood of our enemies, it was hard to distinguish friend from foe. Our warriors had begun to break the line, but the Warbringer troops were holding their line quite well. My squad had waited for me behind some bushes.
“Ready?” () I said. Everyone nodded. We then rushed the back of the Warbringer line. Soon the troops realized what we had done, but they did not have the troops to fight on two fronts. Soon the line was split in two. This allowed our troops to surround the Warbringer troops. Little did we know how much they wanted to take the camp. Warbringer had sent a second wave of troops up after the first as reinforcements. However now Loremark forces were surrounded by the two lines of enemy troops. Luckily they second line was not quiet about their approach. So we heard them coming in time to take up a more defensive position.
“Everyone get ready for a final push! We must break one of these lines!” () I called out to my troops. We made a final push to break the line that we were currently fighting. With lots of screams and exertion, we managed to split the line. However as soon as we did the reinforcements for Warbringer arrived. So I spun on my heel and started to attack the new troops coming up from the valley, as did the rest of my squad. I was able to take a glance around the battle for a quick second after I had skewered an enemy with Cortana. I could see Rizaka and Shilx fighting side by side as they usually do. Surina was not for away from my bashing skulls with her staff. Then I had to return my attention to the battle at hand as a Warbringer sergeant charged my position. He ran headlong into my shield, after which I promptly cleaved his chest in two. I was taught not to give my enemies the chance to harm me on the battlefield. The only way to do so was to be aggressive and keep your enemy on the defensive.
After taking on several more Warbringer troops I finally heard the call of the Loremark Army, a long blast from a herald’s horn. Seconds later the rest of the battalions stationed at the camp came and pouring down the hill.
“Hope you saved some of the bastards for us Xargrax!” () called my fellow commander Morkax.
“I left you the ones that could survive against me for long enough for you to get your sorry ass over here to help!” () I called back. With the help of the added three battalions we easily pushed the Warbringer forces back. We were cleaning up the last of their forces when I looked to make sure that Surina had survived the fight. I saw here fighting with a Warbringer foot soldier not too far away. She was keeping him at bay easily, but he was not giving up the fight. He had talent for common foot soldier, he could have passed for a sergeant or a captain. Just as I was about to call out to her I saw the soldier slip up in his relentless attack on my sister. Surina took advantage of this opening in the attack to smack him in the face with her staff. This knocked him back on his backside. She then did something that surprised me and the other commanders that had gathered to watch the fight. She lowered her staff. Surina could have easily finished the fight right there with one strike, but she didn’t. She just stared at him as he got back to his feet. He looked at Surina with a sense of incredulity. Then he saw the four super burly guys just standing there and watching him. He had obviously been concentrating on his fight with Surina that he didn’t notice the rest of his comrades had fled. He quickly then turned and fled as fast as his feet would carry him. (To this day I don’t know what his name was, but I will always remember his face)
“Why did you not finish him?” () I asked shocked at what my sister had done
“He did not need to die. He was just another soldier following the orders of Warbringer corrupt leaders.” () she told me with a tone of contempt in her voice.
“Did you not listen to anything that father taught us when we were little?” ()
“I did, but I feel that mercy is better than cruel vengeance. He most likely has a family and was drafted for this blasted war. Why did he have to die? Give me one good reason. The fight was over and won, we did not need any more bloodshed today.” () she told me. I felt guilt rising in my chest. How many fathers had I murdered? How many sons would no longer see their father because I showed no mercy to them? These thoughts had never occurred to me before. I suddenly felt horrible on the inside. I had only ever seen them as enemies to be slaughtered, not as fellow dragonborn. I whispered a small prayer to Bahamut as I walked back to my tent to clean my gear after the battle.
“I pray to thee Bahamut that justice might come to the families of all those who I have harmed. I pray that they can live happy lives, and for you to guide me on a better path.” ()

Three weeks later the war ended with Warbringer surrendering to my father’s forces at Zico on the western front. He had laid siege to the city for four days. They did not have the supplies to survive inside the cities walls for very long. I was happy that I would not have to fight for quite some time, I would get a chance to further my training in the paladin arts. Unfortunately four days later my world was upended and shook vigorously.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN SURINA WAS ARRESTED!” () I cried at my mother.
“She is being taken to trial my showing cowardice on the battlefield.” () my mother said holding back what appeared to be rage. At what I did not know.
“WHAT!!” I shouted “Surina would never do such a thing. I am going to talk with father, he will be able to fix this.” I said and stormed off to the citadel of Salamandastron to find my father. When I arrived at my father’s chambers he was talking to a friend.
“Father, I would like a word please.” () I said to him. He looked over to me then told his friend that they would continue this conversation later. After we had closed the door to his chambers I let loose a rant about how Surina was innocent and that she had done nothing wrong. My father stopped me and in a cold voice said
“Surina has been charged by commander Morkax with showing cowardice toward an enemy Warbringer soldier. We will hold a trial to confirm this but, he has the word of two other commanders that they witnessed this. Surina will have the chance to defend herself against these charges. In the meantime I suggest that you keep your mind on your studies son.” ()
I left to find Xisthra and rant. I found her in the Great Library in her usual spot. I told her about what was happening and she just sat there shocked.
“Why would Morkax do this? It isn’t like him.”
“I want to know what he saw. Surina was with me the whole time during the war. I never saw anything that would even remotely look like cowardice.”
“Well he must have good reason.”
“I don’t know about that. He always had a thing for Surina. Maybe he thinks that he can be her hero by saving her from these charges. I don’t know but I do not like the sound of this trial.” ()
Time seemed to blur as the trial came and went. Surina was charged with showing cowardice, by showing mercy to that soldier she had let live. The execution was set for two days later.
Afterward I met with my father.
“Father I need to leave.” ()
“Why? What reason would you have for leaving?” () my father said shocked.
“A few reasons. I now longer feel as if I can fight as a paladin, when Surina died I felt the grace of Bahamut leave me. Next, I feel as if I must redeem our family name in your eyes as well as the eyes of the clan. I must find my own way to do this. I feel that I cannot do this while I am here in Zebulon. I do not wish my leaving to put any shame upon you father.” ()
“I do not know why you feel this way. However, if you feel this strongly about this then I cannot stop you. You will be welcomed back when you return to us from this journey. Go and find the redemption that you are looking for.” ()
So I left Zebulon on a quest for redemption. Slowly my rage built within me. Rage at myself, Surina, my family and clan, the world. Till I could no longer contain it within me. I was sitting in a tavern near the outer lands when I overheard two other customers talking about how Loremark had slaughtered innocents in the war, ruthlessly killing children and women. Showing no honor. This was my tipping point. I felt my rage spill out of my control, but the strangest thing happened. My body became wreathed in cold shadow and black fire. I could not control what happened next. I stood up and drew Cortana. It burst into flame as I drew her from her sheath. I then walked over to the two customers, who at this point were staring at me like the rest of the patrons in the tavern. The two dragonborn paled when they looked at me. I raised my sword to stick them as they cowered beneath me. I would not take any insults to my clan. I started to swing when the second strangest thing happened. A black dragonborn in bright white armor stood and ran at me. I turned to face her, but before I could defend myself, she tackled me to the floor. Then I felt a strange power course through me, a force of will that could take on my rage. I soon realized that it was the other dragonborn that was doing this, but how? Soon the black flames that had been surrounding me went out. The other dragonborn helped me up and then walked out of the tavern. I quickly followed him. As soon as I was outside I shouted
“How did you do that? How did you keep me from hurting those men? Thank you though, what is your name?” () He started to laugh it was then that I realized that he was a she.
“You’re Welcome. I couldn’t let you slaughter everyone in the bar now could I? You have some of the strongest fury that I have ever seen. Oh, and my name is Kiriyu.” ()
“Well than you Kiryu. I don’t know what I would have done to them if you had not stopped me. Where did you learn to do that?”()
“I guess I have always been able to do it. It has never really been useful before now. I am heading to a blackguard order to see if they can teach me to control it. With that fury of yours you should probably come with me. ” ()
“Well if they can help me control this rage inside of me, I’ll join you then.” ()
“It is long walk so we better get started. You can tell me how you got all of that rage bottled up inside.” ()
“Only if you tell me how you calmed it down again.” () I said as she walked off down the road.
It took us a week to reach the order’s headquarters. While we walked she described how from a young age she was able to send out this aura of will that could allow her to influence people’s emotions. So when she saw what I was doing in the tavern, she couldn’t just sit there and let me go through with chopping those two in half. I also described how I go that rage from the death of Surina.
“I am so sorry for you, she seems like she was a great person. I wish I could have met her.” ()
“Thank you, I think that you would have been good friends.” ()
“Well we are almost there, I just hope that they will accept us.” ()
“So do I, by the way how did you hear about these blackguards anyway?” ()
“Well that is an even longer story than the one that I just told you. Perhaps another day. Let us just say it has to deal with my father, a lot of giant insects, and a keg of fire whiskey.” ()
“OK, then” () I was disturbed by that description as well as intrigued. I could see the bugs and her father, but the keg of fire whiskey was the one that mystified me. As we approached the top of the hill that we were walking up I saw something that I was not prepared for. As we crested the hill we saw in the valley interior a huge camp with a large keep in the middle. Kiriyu looked just as surprised as I was.
“I knew that the runic wards would keep the base hidden until we passed them, but I wasn’t expecting something this huge.” ()
“I have walked through these woods a hundred times and I never knew that this was here.” () I said
“The order doesn’t like unwanted attention. In order to pass the wards you have to purposefully want to find the order.” Kiriyu said. “That is why you never noticed before, you were not looking for it.” As we walked down the hill I noticed the formation of the tents and buildings, they were lined up in rows along determined pathways. Everything was in straight lines. A perfect grid. When we reached the entrance to the base, two men in pitch black armor stopped us.
“What business do you have with the Order of the Stormguard?” () he told us. Kiriyu then spoke up in a cool and unemotional tone.
“We wish to be trained by the order as members, to teach us how to use the emotions within us for greater purpose.” ()
“Well then, you will have to take that up with Master Rubilax. We will escort you to the Citadel of Winds, there he will see if you are worthy of our help in this matter.” () He turned to the other guard and motioned for him to stay as he took us to the citadel. He walked quickly through the camp obviously wanting to get back to his post at the gate. It was exactly what I thought it would be from the view that I got from the top of the hill, a military base. The walk to the keep was rather short due to the quick pace, when we arrived the guard opened the door and allowed us to walk through inside. He closed the door after us. The inside of the keep was lit by a huge chandelier in the middle of the hall. It was filled with large long tables that ran most of the length of the hall. Along the edges were statues of Dragonborn and tapestries. This base had been here for a very long time due to how smooth the floor was along with how faded the tapestries were. I was still looking around when a rust colored dragonborn entered the hall from a side door.
“I was told that we might have some new recruits, so I came as quickly as I could.” () as he approached us I saw that he too was wearing full armor with a great axe strapped to his back.
“We rarely get new faces around here. So what are your names, and why should we train you in our secret ways?” () Kiriyu introduced herself first. She explained what she was able to do with her weird emotion thing. “Ah a domination user then, and what about you there son?” ()
“I am Xargrax. I tried to cleave two idiots in bar in half while wrapped in cold black flames that just appeared when I got really mad. Kiriyu stopped me with that emotion thing that she can do.” ()
“So a Fury blackguard then. An unusual pair, a domination and a fury blackguard both showing up at the same time. And in opposing colors of scales two. The Domination is black and the Fury is white. This is most interesting.” () He stopped for a moment and looked like he was deep in thought. “Well if you can pass the test that I am about to give you, then we will train you to use these powers that have been gifted to you, but first the test. Follow me.” () he quickly spun around and walked toward the door that he had entered through. We followed him through the keep and back outside again. We walked through the camp towards a big open field.
“This is where we shall test to see if you are worthy enough to learn our ways, but first drink these.” () he handed us both identical clear potions.
“What is this, and why do we have to drink it before this test?” () I asked him.
“Because it is part of the test, after you drink it I will explain the rest.” ()
“Ok whatever you say.” () I then promptly downed the liquid. It was surprisingly sweet. Kiriyu did the same. After we gave back the bottles we were quickly ushered into the fighting field. We walked to the center and then we stood there for a few moments waiting for something to happen. Then suddenly I felt it. It was like all of my self-control had been stripped away ad now that spirit of fury inside of me had free run of my body. My mind seemed to have been stripped out of my body and I just had to watch what happened next. I became wrapped in cold black flames, but this time instead of just surrounding my body they took a different shape. I could not see what shape it was due to the sheer size of the black flames. Then I saw that Kiriyu had done the same but the flames were pure white and blue. She had taken on a form of a white dragon with golden eyes. She was staring at me then let out a giant roar. I did the same and then we clashed. I went for her head first. She raised her claws to deflect my strike. So I swept up with my other leg and caught her square in the jaw with a black flaming claw. She quickly responded with a bite to my neck. We continued this fight for several more minutes before I realized what the test was. Could I contain the fury and revert to my normal form. So I started to attempt to try to reassert my will over my body. I had a difficult time just getting back to a normal view out of my own eyes. After a couple of minutes of struggling with my own mind, I was able to see out of my own eyes again. This was when I realized that it was easier to control myself when I was I contact with the dragon that was Kiriyu. So I willed myself to lunge and grapple her to the ground. Now that I had a hold on her I was able to start to put the fury back in the cage that the potion had opened. It seemed like she was starting to do the same so I took a tighter hold on her. It that instant I felt her inside of my mind and that I was inside of hers. In this short moment we shared a moment of harmony between order and chaos. Something that I had never felt before, I was at peace.

After a few more minutes we were both back to our normal dragonborn shapes and minds. We were both breathing heavily. We looked up at each other and smiled. We had passed the orders test. Or at least we thought we had. The dragonborn that I assumed at this point was Rubilax approached us.

“I have never seen anyone overcome their vices so quickly before. That was truly an amazing feat of will. However there is a second half to this test. Follow me.” () he then turned around and walked towards the side of the hill that was opposite the field. We followed as quickly as we could in our exhausted states. He walked up to a cave entrance that was decorated with carvings. As we descended through the cave the walls became covered in more and more carvings they seemed to be of dragons and dragonborn in ancient times. Like founding of the 13 great clans ancient. We stopped before another ornate door that led into a brightly lit chamber. Rubilax who had been silent for the whole time then turned and said one thing
“Do not lie for he will know, and answer every question from the heart if you do not want to die this day.” () He then stepped aside and ushered us inside the chamber. What was inside amazed both of us to the point of having our jaws drop. Resting on a huge mound of gold and gems was a giant golden dragon, Due to him resting on the pile he true size was hidden from us. I could only assume that he was an ancient dragon that was alive for millennia.
“What is your purpose here in the cave of Grougaloragran?” () He said in a booming voice that echoed throughout the cavern.
“We are here to receive training from the order of the Stormguard.” () Kiriyu spoke out.
“What will you do with the skills that you will receive when you are finished with your training? Will you serve the order or go on your own path?” () This time I spoke up feeling as if this question was aimed at me.
“I wish to find redemption of my clan and family name. On which path this will be found on I do not know, but I will follow this quest to its conclusion. If it be happy or dire.” () The dragon seemed to be pleased by this answer. Although how he knew about this quest I did not even want to fathom.
“What about you partner? What will you do?” ()
“I will serve my friends and the order in any capacity that I can, till comes a time when my help is no longer necessary.” () Kiriyu said.
The dragon who I assume is named Grougaloragran then took a moment to deliberate on our answers.
“I have found these answers to be acceptable for entry into the order of the Stormguard. However, I have one more request for you.” () he said
“What would that request be?” () I asked.
“That you two should contemplate becoming RuneBound. I felt the great clash above my head and knew that you two are perfect matches for each other. A Fury and Domination RuneBound pair would be particularly effective. You do not have to, but I feel as if it would be a shame if you did not. That is all you may leave now, go on your journey.” () with this conclusion from the dragon we left the chamber. Rubilax was waiting for us outside of the chamber.
“I see that he accepted you. Welcome to the Order.” () he then led us back to the surface and into the citadel. “Dinner will be served her in one hour. After that we will get you settled into the camp, issue supplies and give you some bunks. Until then feel free to rest her in these chambers. I will come and get you for dinner.” () We nodded and he left.
“Well that was something that I did not expect. I fight with myself and then a chat with a golden dragon.” ()


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