Amrek of Penketh

"Of course everyone is more concerned with petty power squabbles than with the continued survival of the plane..."


Adventuring History

Amrek began adventuring as a member of a Rrakkma, a Githzerai war-band sent out by Gith towns and cities to eliminate threats before they can endanger the down or city directly. He served under an experienced, though sometimes unpredictable captain named Karrak, and his lieutenant Arath. The Rrakkma also included Adilzin and Darzar, two of Amrek’s closest childhood friends.
Amrek traveled with the Rrakkma for a number of years and a number of missions, tracking prey across the planes of Yggdrasil, from as near as Midgard to as distant as Eberron. Eventually his group was sent to track down the Dalkyr Belashyrra, who led them on a chase across a number of planes to Athas, or Dark Sun. None of the Rrathmal had seen the plane before and decided to break off the chase, however they decided to explore the area before returning to Penketh. Belashyrra had set up a trap for them, and surrounded the group in an expanse of desert. Karrak commanded Almaya (one of the group’s planeschasers, the powerful mages that transported the Rrakkma from plane to plane) to transport them off of Athas, however Belashyrra attacked and killed Almaya before she could. The skirmish that ensued took the lives of Arath, Karrak, and another member of the Rrakkma as well. At the last possible moment, Arath distracted Belashyrra long enough for Darzar (the group’s second planeschaser) to scatter the remaining Rrathmal across Yggdrasil. This action allowed Amrek, Darzar, Adilzin, and Sarak to escape, but with no direction or destination.
Amrek landed on Eberron, in the kingdom of Aundair. He had been through the plane two years earlier by his own timeline, however he soon learned from Queen Aurala that over two hundred years had passed since that time. After some time in the city of Fairhaven taking stock of the situation, Amrek rode out for the Shadow Marches to contact House Tharashk, who he learned would be most likely to be able to assist him in leaving the plane of Eberron.

Adventuring on Eberron

Upon reaching the Shadow Marches, Amrek accepted an offer of work from House Tharashk to escort one of their representatives to Sharn in Breland. When he arrived in Blackroot he met the other members of the escort; however they discovered that their mark, Doria Veladaar, had disappeared. The group quickly realized that this was due to the actions of a cult of Belashyrra, and set about stopping their actions. After routing the cult near the town, they discovered a portal to Khyber and entered it. Once inside, they fought through a number of foulspawn and other cultists, eventually rescuing Doria and silencing the cult permanently. While in Khyber, they encountered Belashyrra, who gave Amrek Darzar’s bloodied and scorched staff. In addition, he threatened Xargrax, the Dragonborn Blackguard in the group.
After eradicating the cult, Amrek broke from the group temporarily and rode to Wroat in Breland, where he gathered information on the Dalkyr and warned the Brelish crown to the danger of Belashyrra’s presence in Eberron. That accomplished, he rode south to Sharn and reunited with the rest of the group.


Amrek has no romantic relationships currently. He was very close with his childhood friends Darzar and Adilzin, both of whom were members of his Rrakkma. Both Darzar and Adilzin escaped from the ambush on Athas, however neither of them are confirmed to be living or deceased. Belashyrra has implied that Adilzin is dead and that Darzar has been captured and tortured, although neither of these have been confirmed.


Amrek’s equipment reflects his experience as a member of a small combat group. He is incredibly self-sufficient, and carries rations, snares, heavy traveling clothes, and standard survival and adventuring equipment at almost all times. His weapons reflect his versatile fighting style, as he carries two longswords and a warbow at all times. His warbow was a gift from the fletcher in Blackroot after the events during Kyber’s Harvest, and is a finely crafted blackroot bow. His longswords are simple steel, their only decoration being an amethyst set in each pommel. In addition he carries Ashurta’s Blade since it’s recovery from Ashurta’s tomb beneath Sharn, although he often keeps it in the form of a small ornament for ease of concealment.

Adventuring Group

Amrek is fairly reserved, a testament to his life as a member of a fairly reclusive and self-contained society. As such, he is slow to befriend the other members of the group. This is compounded by his driving motive of finding a way off of Eberron and rescuing his Rrakkma, if any of them are still alive. Furthermore, his unconventional skirmishing combat tactics have earned him a level of animosity from the regimented 29A-16 and Xargrax. Despite this, he has become closer to the Dragonborn than to anyone else in the group, primarily as a result of their mutual hatred for Belashyrra, who appears to be targeting them in particular. He remains on decent terms with Rodan and Zarra, although they are not especially friendly toward one another.

Amrek of Penketh

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