Belashyrra, Lord of Eyes

Daelkyr Lord


Spawn of Madness

Little is known about the Daelkyr, other than what was gathered during the War of the Gate. Centuries ago, after Yggdrasil was shattered during the Dawn War and Eberron was thrown from its branches, mysterious beings from the Far Realms broke through to the plane and launched an invasion. These beings, utterly alien and unfathomable, were called the Daelkyr. Possessing seemingly endless reinforcements and an terrifying intellect, they threatened not only the plane of Eberron but all of the Broken Realms, and Yggdrasil beyond. For the only time in recorded history, the nations of the plane rallied under one banner to repel the Farspawn, led by the goblin empire of Dhakan. After a brutal war, the forces of Eberron succeeded in forcing the Living Gate – the portal through which the Farspawn were invading – closed, sealing out further incursions and trapping a number of the Daelkyr on the plane. The Daelkyr’s minions were quickly wiped out, but at least six of the Daelkyr escaped to remote parts of Khyber and Eberron, and have not been heard from since.

Lord of Eyes

Among the most powerful of the Daelkyr to be trapped in the Broken Realms was Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes. While all Daelkyr Lords use a variety of foulspawn creations to carry out their wills, Belashyrra has a soft spot for beholders, his personal (and favored) creation. He is entirely obsessed with knowledge, and bids his minions to see all they can so that he may see all that there is to be seen, using knowledge as a weapon keener than the sharpest of swords and an armour tougher than the strongest steel. The only quality that he possesses in greater quantity than curiosity is madness, as he is entirely insane. It is unknown whether he can understand his own designs or if he is as alien to his own mind as to all others.
An interesting point to note about Belashyrra’s insanity is that it – to some extent – refutes the idea that he is outstandingly cruel. While it is irrefutable that he enjoys ‘playing with his food’ and tormenting the denizens of the known planes, he believes himself (with good reason) to be above them on such an intrinsic level that to him, it is no different than flooding an anthill. This, combined with his alien origin, means that the sense of morality shared by most residents of Yggdrasil and its periphery has no meaning to him, and thus his actions, while seen as cruel, are in no way immoral in his eyes.

Recent Activities

As holds for the other Daelkyr trapped in Yggdrasil, Belashyrra lay low for centuries following the War of the Gate. He has only recently become active again, however his intentions are unknown (unsurprisingly). What is known is that he was sighted near the gith village of Penketh, after which he was chased to Neverwinter and then to Dark Sun. There he ambushed the rrakkma that was pursuing him and annihilated them. Only half of the original group (including the ranger Amrek) escaped the bloodbath. It is believed that since then he has hunted down and killed Sarak and captured Darzar, two of the other survivors. The fate of Adilzin, the final member of the warband, is as of yet unknown.
It is also believed that Belashyrra has captured the dragonborn Kiryu, who has ties to Xargrax Iyotar, but this is also as of yet unconfirmed.

“I recognize this! This is the amulet of Belashyrra, the Lord of Eyes!”

- Every nonplayer character on Eberron. Literally.

Belashyrra, Lord of Eyes

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