Captain Delan d'Lyrandar

House Lyrandar Exile and Daring Airship Captain


Captain Delan d’Lyrandar is a half-elf exile of House Lyrandar, and started life bearing the least Mark of Storm. Some time before meeting with the adventurers, he had agreed to fly the Kordanga for the Kech Volaar. Recruiting a team of five officers and hiring on a modest crew, he ferried the goblinoids across Khorvaire in search of the Ashen Crown.

He first encountered the heroes during their search for the lost artifact. Eventually, they would become friends, and after saving his ship from a dragon attack, Captain Delan allied himself and his ship to their cause.

It was he and his crew which rescued the heroes from Sharn after their betrayal at the hands of Breland, flying them north to Wroat in order to settle matters in person. It was Captain Delan that ferried more than two pieces of the split Ashen Crown to the safety of Providence, a fishing village on the south coast of Breland, when this plan resulted in the capture of the heroes. And with his crew, it was the Lyrandar exile who brought the Kordanga to Aundair.

Both he and the Kordanga have evolved to meet their new roles in the world. For the Captain, his Mark of Storm spontaneously improved to the lesser mark, during flight from three of Breland’s most advanced airships. For the Kordanga, she gained a compliment of ballista which enabled her to best each and every airship sent to stop her.

The future of the Kordanga is currently uncertain. However, with planar trouble brewing, Aundair would be foolish to ignore the tried-and-true Kordanga, and her dashing Captain Delan…

Captain Delan d'Lyrandar

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