Captain Saj Kalaes

Captain of the King's Citadel, Breland's principal military arm


Commander of the King’s Citadel in Sharn. A tall, somber, and regimented leader; he saw combat in the Brelish army prior to entering into the intelligence service. His stoicism causes him to come off as emotionless at times, however this is not entirely accurate. In reality, his involvement in the King’s Citadel has caused him to become even more cautions and reserved than he already was. Kalaes is dedicated to king and country in the extreme, and considers Breland’s motives to be of the utmost importance in all situations. His experience has made him wary of subterfuge, and he does not take kindly to attempts to outwit him. Kalaes can be difficult to bargain with at times, however he is a reasonable and intelligent negotiator.

With the Party’s return to Sharn after Tikulti’s betrayal, Kalaes helped the Party escape the Citadel to track down Tikulti and Demise. After they defeated Demise and got the crown, the Party was nearly arrested again by Citadel agents. Under order by Captain Kalaes, though, Agent Glim Turen helped the Party escape the city. Now, with the Party of the run from the Citadel, Kalaes has asked the Party to aid him in getting word of the betrayal of the King’s Citadel to Lord Kor himself.

Captain Saj Kalaes

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