Xargrax Iyotar

A big guy with serious anger issues and a strong arm


Early History

Xargrax was born in the capital city of Zebulon to the clan of Loremark. He grew up with his two sisters Akra and Surina. He was raised by both his father Rhogar and his mother Nala Iyotar, along with his grandmother Kakaryn who mentored him in the ways of the paladin’s of Bahamut. Xargrax took quickly and well to the aggressive and honorable ways of his father and grandmother. His sister;s took slightly different paths to the dismay of their father. Akra took to the ways of the rogue and Surina followed in her mothers footsteps in becoming a dragon sorcerer. Xargrax was extremely close with his family. His strict but caring father Rhogar, his loving and kind mother Nala, his mischievous sister Akra and His intelligent and kind sister Surina and his cranky grandmother Kakaryn…….

Xargrax Iyotar

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