The continent of Argonessen is the Homeland of the Dragons and the Dragonborn on Ebberon.


Early History

After the The Deaths of the Three Planar Dragons Ebberon, Khyber and Siberys, the draconic race was quite barbaric and feral. However soon the dragons discovered the Draconic prophecy and become the earliest of the civilizations on Ebberon. They claimed the continent of Argonessen to be there home and motherland ( Some believe it is because the head of Ebberon lies beneath the continent and can be seen in mountain formation called the Face of Ebberon) ,and started to form a great alliance between the different species of dragons. That was when the remains of what was Khyber started to spew out all kinds of foul Demons and Devils in what the dragons call the Demon Wars. It was during these wars tat the Great Dragon Aspects were created to govern Dragonkind. It was also during the Demon Wars that the Pit of Five Sorrows was created to keep the Sorrows from returning, as well as Haka lor’hak or Throne of the Holy Dragons in Qbarra with its giant dragon guardian Rhashaak to keep some of the worst Demons and Devils in check.
After the wars ended the great Aspects left the dragonborn that had helped in a minor capacity in the wars to govern themselves and create their own civilization while the dragons contemplated the prophecy.


After the dragons retreated from the world to their lairs and secret places the dragonborn took control of the continent. At the center of the continent near the central lake known as the Tear of Ebberon, they built a great metropolis to serve as a capital for their newly created country, Arkhosia. They were led by a council of elders until the first Golden One appeared Shakuras. During a border war in Qbarra, Shakuras kept the kobolds from taking the entrance to Haka lor’hak single-handed. It is after this battle that the scales of Shakuras become gold in color. Taken as a sign form the gods he was appointed as the Golden One and crowned as King and ruler of the dragonborn race. The central palace in Arkhosia was built and the kingdom prospered for many years, the title of Golden One being handed down the line of Shakuras. Both Qbarra and Argonnessen celebrated grew in this time of peace. Trade between the continents was free and loosely regulated, foreigners were allowed free access to the internal areas of the continent. The Golden Ones reigned supreme for many centuries until the Last Golden One Tassadar was assassinated by a group of foreigners who had been gathered to rescue his daughter princess Valrith. With the Death of Tassadar the country crumbled, the princess disappeared and the power vacuum the resulted caused the fall of the country. The thirteen generals met on the fields outside of the city and a bloody battle ensued. After a great loss of life, the thirteen generals came to the agreement to each take land and rule as a council, like how the continent was originally ruled. The thirteen great clans were born.

The 13 Great Clans

The Thirteen Great Clans now rule the continent of Argonnessen and the province of Qbarra from each of their great cities scattered about the continent. Their rule is the current one. They have ruled for quite some time only meeting once every 5 years for the great festival. The clans have ruled unopposed since their inception. Always settling issues through diplomacy or superior military might. But that might change soon.


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