The scions of Galifar I were not the first humans to claim the region now known as Breland. In ages past, humans seized cities and lands once held by goblins, and others before them. Still, none were as successful as the king driven to forge and empire out of the untamed wilderness. Seeing the region as a buffer to protect his holdings against the monstrous threats in the far west, Galifgar gave these lands to his daughter Brey and named the realm Breland.


Breland’s position on old Galifar’s frontier led the nation to develop in distinctive ways. Rather than embracing the old governmental institutions upheld in its neighboring realms, Breland afforded its citizens greater freedoms, instilling a fierce independence and a loyalty to Breland’s regents. Taking advantage of vast resources and the freedom to become rich. Breland’s population swelled, forming sprawling cities and cultivating lands across the nation.

Size is a large factor in Breland’s increasing power. Although the nation lost territory in the Last War, most Brelish people escaped the worst fighting – the nation’s front lines stayed in the north and northeast, far from Sharn and Wroat. Breland’s infrastructure also escaped the war’s ravages, allowing it to recover more quickly than its rivals.


Breland is a large nation, bounded on the west by the steep Graywall Mountains, beyond which lie Droaam’s savage lands. To the north lie Silver Lake and the Blackcaps, across which are the Eldeen Reaches and Aundair respectively. Farther east, the Brey River forms the border with Thrane, and the Howling Peaks stand between Breland and Zilargo.

Breland bursts at the seams with peoples of all races and cultures. Humans have always been numerous, but other races threaten to eclipse their numbers. Gnomes are drawn by the new opportunity and prosperity, and half-elves forge lives far away from the haunts of their ancenstors. Elves, dwarves, and halflings have respectable populations. changelings, goblins, orcs, warforged, and other peoples fill the nation’s cities.


Self-reliance and faith in the king trumps the gods for most Brelish folk. Despite this general religious skepticism, the Church of the Silver Flame has a modest following, which has grown in the recent years since Prince Bortan has taken to spreading the religion to his people, having recently become an archbishop of the faith.


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