Denizens of the Outer Planes

There are many Gods, Angels, Demons, and other outer planar beings, why?

The answer is a simple one of resources and space, both the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos are infinite or at least damn near Infinite, so with all that space and the resources provided huge populations of various creatures can inhabit these worlds.

This allows for large numbers of them to collect into nations and go to war with one another with many casualties. In the Dawn War and following rebellions damn near seventy-five percent of all the Gods died defending the Astral Sea and Mortal Planes from the Demon Lords and Tharizdun. If there was a smaller pantheon such wars cannot take place, nor such casualties. After the Dawn War many of the powerful beings of the Astral Sea and Elemental Chaos abandoned the mortal realms and any connection to them.

Throughout these land great nations of Gods, Angels, Demons, and others live far from the prying prayers of mankind. The mortals have forgotten many of the Gods who abandoned them and many more which have died. Few Pantheons continue to interact with the Mortal Realms, keeping to the furthest reaches of Space and Time.

Gods and the other denizens of the Outer Realms are just like the mortals below, with wants and desires, with hopes and losses, with fears of death. Many find that defending mortals or claiming them leads to unnecessary death, and most do not wish to even try and take such a risk. We’ll go through each of the lands in which the Gods still interact with the Mortal Races in the Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos, and the Central Realms.

Denizens of the Outer Planes

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