Eldeen Reaches

The power of nature resonates within the Eldeen Reaches, flowing out from the primeval Towering Wood into the cultivated lands of the east, where it nourishes crops and people alike. The Reaches have long been the bastion of the mysterious druids whose faith offers guidance to understanding the deeper mysteries of primal power. Though this land is now a place of peace and prosperity, the Eldeen Reaches have known hardship as dark and sinister as that faced by any people in Khorvaire.


Near the midpoint of the Last War, Aundair was forced to pull its defenses from the Eldeen Reaches’ rich farmland and verdant forests to protect its cities. In doing so, Aundair effectively left the folk of the west to defend themselves against the forces of Breland and the bandit armies funded by Karrnath and the Lhazaar Principalities.

Faced with bloodshed and the threat of annexation, the Wardens of the Wood raised an army of druids, rangers, and fey from the Towering Wood. With each victory, the Wardens rallied the Reachers, who quickly declared their independence. The Thronehold Accords recognized the Reaches as a nation, ensuring its independence and its place in the new balance of power.


The vast Towering Wood covers most of the Eldeen Reaches, untouched and unspoiled. Along its eastern border spreads fertile farmland ideal for farming and livestock. The Reaches are home to a diverse population, with humans, half-elves, eladrin, elves, centaurs, shifters, and others living more or less in harmony. The folk of the west are deeply steeped in the druidic traditions. Reachers in the east swear fealty to the Great Druid Oalian, but they have little direct exposure to the druids and their ways aside from the scouts and advisers who pass through their towns and villages.


Though most folk of the Eldeen Reaches follow the druidic traditions, temples dedicated to the Sovereign Host can be found in all larger communities. Arawai and Balinor have the strongest following in these lands.

Eldeen Reaches

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