Lhazaar Principalities

The Lhazaar Principalities are a fractious confederacy of territories encompassing the northeast tip of Khorvaire and the archipelago of islands alongside it. Historically a haven for pirates and corsairs, the Principalities maintain their freebooting heritage but are now better known as the home of the continent’s best mariners and merchant vessels.


Though typically thought of as a single sovereign nation, the Lhazaar Principalities are a loose affiliation of separate island states, each ruled by a so-called sea prince. The Principalities were once part of the kingdom of Galifar, but they broke away at the start of the Last War. Historically, the islands have been havens for pirates, privateers, and merchants of questionable morals. Although their political legitimacy was established at Thronehold, the Principalities remain a largely lawless land, and travelers in the islands must be wary.

High Prince Ryger ir’Wynarn is lord of the Seadragon Principality and nominally the leader of all the Lhazaar Principalities. However, Ryger and his allies (and enemies) know that he could be overthrown by one of the region’s other princes at any time. The most powerful of the other Principalities include:

The Cloudreavers, led by Prince Mika Rockface. Mika is as bloodthirsty a pirate as any in the region’s history, and if she had her way, Lhazaar would throw off its cloak of civility and return to its anarchic past.

The Diresharks, led by Prince Kolberkon. He sees himself as next in line for the position of high prince, and his group’s rivalry with the Seadragons is intense.

The Grey Tide, led by Prince Kel. His holdings are named after the dread magical mist that lingers over the waters surrounding Lastpoint Island.

The Bloodsails, led by Prince Shaen Tasil. Shaen’s realm is notable for the fact that it is populated almost exclusively by elves and eladrin. The Bloodsails’ base of operations is on the far northern island of Farlnen.

The Wind Whisperers, led by Prince Koulton Brightwind, headquartered on Windlost Island. Koulton is the only sea prince who currently has a price on his head, placed there by House Lyrandar when he became an excoriate a decade ago.


The laws of the Lhazaar isles vary from principality to principality, and are uniformly lax. The Principalities are a good place to disappear, since folk ask few questions and answer even fewer.

Lhazaar Principalities

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