Mror Holds

The rugged mountains of the Mror Holds are the ancestral home of all dwarves native to Khorvaire. For millennia, the dwarves of the Holds have built and expanded their vast cities within the mountains’ heart, and have dug ever deeper in search of wealth. The Ironroot Mountains contain Khorvaire’s largest deposits of precious metals, and the Mror dwarves consider these riches to be their ancestral birthright.


The Mror Holds are a loose confederation of dozens of dwarven clans. Though they paid fealty to Karrnath for much of the history of Galifar, the dwarves abruptly declared their independence during the Last War and have maintained it ever since.

Khorvaire’s finest iron ore comes from mines in the Holds, the best of which is shipped to Breland and the shops of the continent’s greatest blacksmiths, weaponsmiths, and armorers. The Mror Holds are also home to House Kundarak, a significant portion of the commerce of Khorvaire is controlled from these remote mountains.

The dwarven clans’ long subservience to Karrnath was largely a product of their history of feuds and infighting. For thousands of years, the dwarves skirmished with each other and with the Jhorash’tar orcs of the mountains, so that in the earliest days of the kingdom of Galifar, they were unable to stand against the forces of Galifar’s son Karrn. The Holds became a protectorate of Karrnath, its people made subjects of Galifar. However, the enforced peace that human rule brought to the mountains allowed the dwarves to build a cohesive civilization for the first time.

Another benefit of the Karrnathi occupation was the discovery of the Mark of Warding, which had gone unrecognized for centuries among the members of Clan Kundarak. Even as the Mror Holds became the cornerstone of Karrnath’s economy, Kundarak was accepted into the ranks of the dragonmarked houses, creating a greater acceptance of dwarves across the Five Nations.


The Ironroot Mountains have some of the richest mineral deposits in Khorvaire, and the dwarves of the Holds are the masters of that wealth. The mountains are also home to tribes of Jhorash’tar orcs, with which the dwarves have battled for centuries. The aggressiveness of the orcs extends to any civilized humanoids journeying within the Holds. All such travelers are presumed to be allies of the dwarves – and typically given no chance to prove otherwise.


Worship of the Sovereign Host is prevalent within the Holds. Onatar, Dol Dorn, and Kol Korran are the patrons of most Mror dwarves.


The Mror Holds are run by the Iron Council, which includes representatives from every clan except Kundarak. As a dragonmarked house, Clan Kundarak is obliged to remain neutral in the politics of all nations, including its homeland.

Mror Holds

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