Often thought of as one of the most recently settled territories of Khorvaire, Q’barra is actually one of the oldest. Some seventy years ago, exiles from Khorvaire settled this land after fleeing the devastation of the Last War. However, they quickly discovered that their “unclaimed” territory was home to ancient and powerful masters. Lizardfolk, kobolds, and dragonborn have lived in Q’barra since before the first humans arrived in Khorvaire. The Treaty of Thronehold recognizes Q’barra as a sovereign nation, but the question of who truly rules this dangerous land remains up for debate.


Khorvairian settlers have roughly divided Q’barra into two territories – New Galifar and Hope. New Galifar is older, founded around Adder Bay and the Adder River by patriots fleeing the Last War in 928 YK, and features larger and better-defended settlements. Hope consists of newer and rougher towns at the feet of the Endworld Mountains, built by exiles who came to Q’barra in the waning years of the Last War.

In its seven decades as a colonial realm Q’barra has become a haven for the idealistic, the disenfranchised, and the desperate. Refugees and weary soldiers from every corner of war-torn Khorvaire have made their way here, even as the criminal fringes of society have taken advantage of the promise of this new land.

Whether they are the descendants of Galifar exiles or have found reasons to flee central Khorvaire in more recent years, few in Q’barra have any love for the Five Nations.


The jungles, swamps, highland, and plains of Q’barra are rife with threats. Settlers and explorers must deal with hostile lizardfolk, troglodyte, kobold, and dragonborn tribes. Valenar raiders test their spirit and their steel across the Q’barran border, and Lhazaar pirates make raids along the coast. Moreover the ancient ruins that cover this land conceal unknown dangers.


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