Talenta Plains

Thousands of square miles of pristine grasslands bordering the expanse of the Blade Desert, the Talenta Plains are the most unspoiled territory in central Khorvaire. This great land and the halflings who live there have remained essentially unchanged since before humans first set foot on the continent.


The Talenta Plains is a nation unlike any other in Khorvaire, with no central government and nothing in the way of real cities or towns. The halflings of the Talenta Plains are known as shrewd negotiators and capable tacticians. They live in nomadic tribes, traversing the territory on their dinosaur mounts.

Though the halflings live at a distance from the events of greater Khorvaire, they are fully cognizant of those events, and of the world beyond their pastoral homeland. They live in tribes of up to several dozen extended families. However, significant numbers of halflings have chosen to leave the Plains for lives elsewhere in Khorvaire, demonstrating their ability to not only survive but to thrive in modern society.


The Talenta Plains include not only broad grasslands but also a large portion of the Blade Desert, which has been expanding. Rain-fall patters in the Talenta lowlands have changed in recent years, and each new spring sees another mile of prairie turned to sand.

The halflings of the Plains keep and tend numerous herd animals and herbivorous dinosaurs. They also train deadly clawfoot dinosaurs for use as mounts.


The Talenta halflings combine a worship of ancestral and animal spirits with reverence for Balinor, god of beasts and the hunt.


Halflings outside the Talenta Plains are descendants of wanderers who left their homeland, or characters who split their time between civilization and the Plains. Those traveling halflings serve as intermiediaries for their folk in both worlds, carrying news of greater Khorvaire to the tribes and keeping tribal culture and values alive in the cities and towns.

Talenta Plains

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