The Far Realms

The Far Realms are not part of Yggdrasil, if anything Yggdrasil is part of the Far Realms. The Far Realms are the vast cosmic expanses of madness and infinity which the Aberrants come from. These Realms are the spaces between spaces and the spaces between the waking world and dreams, the sea between fantasy and reality, and the never-ending cosmos where greater and more powerful godly beings reside. An infinite multiverse of interconnected dreams and reality, the Far Realms are a terrifying place that no mortal dares to tread.

The Dreamlands

The Dreamlands are worlds created in the sleep of mortals and immortals alike. They form from the act of dreaming and are solidified by their abandonment by their creator. These lands are traversable but they have no rules, laws, or predictable outcomes. Those who travel here may not come back as the person they left, or they may not come back at all.

The Outside

The great beyond which surrounds all worlds of reality and fantasy, the Outside is the home to many powerful alien forms which dwarf even the entire world tree in size and any god in power. No one dares to leave and head for the outside; the endless cosmos is a bleak, cold, and lonely place. The multiverses are connected by the great outside, and from it live that which is not dead and can eternally lie, and with great aeons even where death may dieā€¦

The Far Realms

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