With enemies on all sides and evil stalking the lands, Thrane is the light in the darkness, an island in a sea of corruption. Its pure, unwavering flame shines the way for all to attain salvation and freedom from the world’s cruelty. Religion rules Thrane, its royal blood marginalized by a clear need to protect the people and religious institutions from those who would quench the holy flames and plunge the world into shadow. Thrane’s people cling to virtue and order, and look to the Church of the Silver Flame to guide them through the Last War’s wreckage to a future in which all embrace the purity of faith.


That Thrane survived the Last War more or less intact is a testament to the power of the Church of the Silver Flame. Over twenty years after the war started, pious King Thalin’s death left Thrane at the center of a raging storm, with enemies to all sides. Faced with internal strife, Prince Daslin renounced his claim to the throne. the church was forced to step forward and guide the nation through the war. As a result, the people fought for more than just their homes and lands – the fought for faith. Their conviction gave them the strength to soldier on no matter the odds.


Humans are the dominant people in Thrane – humanity seems the most amenable of all the races to the call of the Silver Flame. Thrane was once a more diverse land, but the bulk of the nonhuman races drifted to neighboring realms as the church gained power. Now half-elves, dwarves, elves, and others remain in only small numbers.


The Church of the Silver Flame affects every aspect of life in Thrane. It is the ultimate authority, and its rule is absolute. Thrane tolerates other religions, but people adhering to them find life less comfortable than those who worship the Flame.

Thrane’s biggest export is religion. Each season, missionaries set our to gain converts in other lands, pushing to the hinterlands of the continent and beyond. Most faithful are well intentioned, seeking to improve lives rather than destroy them. Among these, however, a few corrupt or violent missionaries use their faith as a weapon to get what they want.

The church’s influence extends into all corners of the country, affecting all people, even visitors to Thrane. From the Voice of the Flame come codes of conduct, rituals, ceremonies, beliefs, and practices – all have the strength of law in these lands. Holy days bring the nation to a standstill; priests perform rites and ceremonies, and the people attend. All citizens are expected to reflect on the importance of these sacred events.


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