Although less than a century old, this nation at the southeastern tip of Khorvaire claims a heritage that goes back more than ten millennia. Valenar is the only elven nation in Khorvaire, and it remains one of the least understood.

Valenar is a society shaped by martial tradition and spiritual belief. Its folk are isolationist and aggressive, having signed the Thronehold treaty before immediately breaking its terms. Valenar elves spend their lives serving High King Shaera Vandallia as members fo the Host of Valenar, or traveling with their war bands in search of glory and honor. The Valenar elves claim an ancient connection to their land, but they seem profoundly disinterested in building a thriving nation.


The only elven nation in Khorvaire, Valenar was born in the heat of the Last War. High King Vadallia came from the elves’ home continent of Aerenal as the leader of a host of elf mercenaries. Although humans and half-elves still reside in Valenar, most of these folk are former subjects of Cyre who now give fealty to foreign rulers.

During the Last War, the leaders of Cyre bought the allegiance of the Valaes Tairn – the largest faction of the Tairnadal, the elven warclans of northern Aerenal. Establishing their war camps at the southern tip of Cyre, the elves quickly became the most devastating component of Cyre’s cavalry and commando forces.

Led by Vedallia, the elves targeting halfling warbands, hobgoblin mercenaries, and the forces of Breland and Karrnath. though Cyre’s enemies tried to buy the elves’ services, the Valaes Tairn stayed unfailingly loyal to Cyre for over thirty years. It was thus a shock when elves turned on their Cyran paymasters and seized the lands they had defended for decades. Shaeras Vadallia proclaimed himself high king of the new nation of Valenar, using an ancient elven claim to the land to justify his actions.


The warhorses of the elves of Valenar are the finest mounts in Khorvaire. These animals are kept and carefully bred by the elves, with bloodlines that can be traced back for millennia. The Valenar elves are highly protective of their horses and consider them kindred spirits. The riders of the Valaes Tairn value their horses and their patron ancestors above all else.


The Valenar elves follow the same faith as their kin in Aerenal, revering their ancestors and following the guidance of clerics of the Undying Court.


The Last War is over, but hte elves of Valenar show no signs of giving up the lust for battle that brought them to Khorvaire. Elf war bands routinely raid into the neighboring territories of the Talenta Plains and Q’barra, and range far enough north across the Plains to strike at Karrnath.

Valenar’s government is tightly organized around the military structure of the Valaes Tairn. The warclans account for the entire elf population of Valenar. The nonelves who make up the farming and crafting classes have little standing, but they enjoy more freedom than they did as subjects of Cyre. In recent decades an alliance with House Lyrandar has drawn many half-elves to the Valenar, and most civic administration falls to this half-elf middle class.

The elves’ disinterest in their subjects makes the borders of Valenar relatively easy to breach, provided that the intruders are willing to wear a humble disguise. A groups whose members pose as common laborers can gain easy access to most parts of the country, while travelers who display a warlike demeanor can expect to be challenged on a regular basis.


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